Mar. 17th, 2009

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A new bus shelter ad that weight-shames you to get you to go to the gym.

Basically, the bench has a scale connected to a display built into the ad, so that your weight is displayed in big red numbers for everyone to see.

All discussion of how deeply offensive this is aside for the moment, this ad is fairly flawed, considering how much gear the average bus user hauls around with them each and every day. You non-car-owning types know what I'm talking about--we all carry these big ol' survival kits full of junk. And I don't know about you, but I certainly do not put my bag on the floor of the bus shelter. So if anyone wants to know the combined weight of me + the Riverside Chaucer + my baseball gear*, have at it. I'm pretty sure that during my university days I could have easily topped 300 lbs on that fucker.

Now, back to how offensive this is.

I kind of wish that one of these had been installed near me, just so I could screw with it in various amusing ways. Although obviously I realize that having it in my area would be horrible.

A few commenters have mentioned that this forces people with disabilities to exchange privacy and dignity for basic comfort. I also think that this ad could be profoundly dangerous for people dealing with or recovering from ED by literally forcing them to weigh themselves if they want to sit down.

How could anyone think this was at all appropriate?

*Okay, I don't carry that stuff around now, but I did at one time, so it's conceivable that someone must.


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