May. 9th, 2009

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Here is how I have been envisioning the morning of my 31st birthday taking place:

9:15-10:30 - Get hair cut in cool new style.

10:30 - Enjoy delicious slice of cake and cup of Earl Grey from local cake shop.

11:00 - Go for bike ride on lovely spring day.

Here is how it has played out:

9:00 - walk to hairstylists in the snow. That's right, SNOW.

9:15-10:00 - Wait for stylist, who has overbooked himself.

10:05 - Stylist puts in what is clearly not enough colour. I ask for more but he says this should be fine. I defer to his experienced opinion.

10:15 - Once stylist has put hair colour in, he informs me that he has to go to his daughter's dance recital and so only has time for a colour, no cut.

10:16 - I tell him this is not on.

10:17 - He reluctantly agrees.

11:30 - I have terrible hair. It is very 90s and doesn't cover my large ugly head scar. Also it is still grey. Bollocks.

11:45 - I forgo the cake in favour of a sandwich. All morning I have been imagining sinking my teeth into soft white bread. This is quite unusual, as ever since I was a child I have always preferred brown bread. So white bread it is.

11:49 - I ask for white bread. Sandwich maker starts to make me a sandwich on brown. I say "Can I have white please?" she says yes. Keeps making sandwich on brown.

11:51 - I say, "Please don't put lettuce on that." She says okay. Adds lettuce.

11:52 - Sandwich maker hands me the sandwich. With lettuce. On brown. I say, "I asked for white. Can you make it on white, please?" She says, "It is white." I give up and leave.

11:54 - I march back in, push my way up to the counter and demand that they make me the sandwich I asked for. Same sandwich artist tells me I am mistaken. I point to the order screen behind her, still blinking my exact order, which belies her assertion.

11:55 - I get my sandwich. Finally. It isn't that great. I should have had the cake.

11:57 - Awful hair looks slightly better once I manage to comb some of the awful perfumed mousse out of it. Still not what I asked for though. And grey.

11:59 - It is still snowing.

Hopefully the afternoon will be better.


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