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Pretty basic stuff. Many years ago, I took this recipe from a cookbook and sized it down, just enough for dinner and a lunch--or to share with a friend.

I normally only make this in the fall, but I had carrots on hand and there are only so many carrot sticks a kid like me can take. I also don't generally care for the texture of cooked carrots (although I occasionally don't mind them roasted).

1 tablespoon cooking oil, your choice
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 medium onion, diced
8 oz carrots, chopped
3 cups stock, your choice (although you will probably only need two cups and a bit)
palmful of curry powder (keeping in mind that I have very small hands)
dash of cayenne pepper
salt & pepper

You can add various other herbs and spices as desired (nutmeg works well) but this is the basic format. You can also substitute or add in cubed squash for/with the carrots, and perhaps other veggies too. It's a pretty flexible recipe. And if you don't have curry powder, you can use curry paste but remember to adjust the measurement appropriately.

Heat olive oil and butter until butter melts. Add onion and carrot and saute, approx. 5 mins. Add 2 cups stock and seasonings, bring to boil, cover, simmer 15 mins. Take all the veggies out with a slotted spoon and puree via hand blender or regular type blender, slowly adding liquid back in, until you get a velvety smooth liquid. Return puree to the pot and adjust seasonings, thickness, etc (this is why you may need extra stock).

If I have it, I sometimes like to pipe sour cream onto the surface of the soup--this helps cool the spice a little if I have been a little over-the-top with the cayenne.

If you omit the butter and use veggie oil/stock, you can even entertain your vegan friends with this!

Date: 2009-03-24 12:19 pm (UTC)
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as the friend who got to share last night, i can attest that this soup is delicious! thanks again!


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