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Birthdate:May 9
Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada
This journal represents the collection of inanities that I've come to call a life.

A note on the friending process, since I've noticed that people I don't know are friending me without introducing themselves.

Please don't be offended if I don't friend you back. Generally, I friend people whose journals I like to read every day, so if you're someone that I don't see very often or someone who shares a lot of my interests, or if I find you amusing, you will probably get friended.

However, if you don't post very often, or if I see or hear from you frequently in real life, or if I just plain don't have a clue who you are, I may not friend you. Don't take it personally. You are not missing much if you're not on my friends list--mostly just wangst, to be perfectly honest. And, honestly, who needs more of that in their life?

Also, those of you who do know me, or know about aspects of my personal life, will notice that I go to great lengths to avoid giving details like my place of work, the names of some friends and relatives, where I went to high school, etc. This is intentional. I don't want strangers having access to that information, and, as nice as you all are, many of you are essentially strangers. If you post a comment including details about me that I judge to be too personal or specific, it will be screened. You have been warned.

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1930s, 1940s, 1950s, accents, amanda marshall, amelia peabody, anti-consumerism, art, barenaked ladies, batman, bibliophilia, bichon frises, black and white movies, books, brain teasers, bronte sisters, calvin and hobbes, campus radio, canada, car-free, caricature, chaucer, chocolate, cinematography, citizen kane, classic film, colin firth, computer games, computers, concerts, cooking, dickens, dickinson, dorothy l. sayers, dorothy parker, douglas adams, drawing, edgar allan poe, egypt, elizabeth peters, emily dickinson, english, etymology, fairy tales, family guy, fan fiction, feminism, film history, film noir, forever knight, french literature, geeks, geraint wyn davies, ghetto shakespeare, graduate school, grammar, grrl power, haiku, harry potter, hieroglyphs, history, homework, honesty, indigo girls, jane eyre, jann arden, karaoke, kelley armstrong, kids in the hall, kill bill, kissing, knitting, languages, learning, lexicography, libraries, linguistics, literary criticism, literature, lord of the rings, love, mary shelley, messiness, monty python, movies, museums, music, musicals, mysteries, mythology, orson welles, oscar wilde, oxford english dictionary, painting, photography, photoshop, pictionary, pirates, portraits, portraiture, proper spelling and grammar, puzzles, quentin tarantino, rants, reading, red dwarf, research, roald dahl, sarcasm, science fiction, shakespeare, singing, sketching, star trek, star wars, stitch and bitch, t-shirts, the simpsons, the supernatural, theatre, tim burton, traveling, used books, victor hugo, victorian era, victoriana, volunteering, walking, watercolours, william blake, witticisms, wrapping presents, writing, x-files
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