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In the midst of a Serious Relationship Discussion:

chavvah: So what do you think?
Jamie: you know, if I was Iron Man, I bet I could totally blast right through that concrete wall.
chavvah: WTF, Jamie!
Jamie: Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome?
chavvah: ...
Jamie: You know it would be.
chavvah: I'm posting this on LiveJournal.
Jamie: Okay.
chavvah: People need to know what kind of a freak I am mixed up with.
Jamie: Oh, come on, I was thinking about you the whole time. Hey, you can be my sidekick. Iron Maiden!
chavvah: Whatever.
Jamie: Who do you think could take me in a fight, anyhow?
chavvah: I could take you.
Jamie: I mean me as Iron Man.
chavvah: (starts to say "HULK SMASH!")
Jamie: (interrupting) Apart from the Incredible Hulk.
chavvah: Okay. Doctor Doom...
Jamie: Good one.
chavvah: And of course Magneto. [little known fact: chavvah <3s Magneto]
Jamie: Magneto?
chavvah: Iron Man? That suit would be your tomb, bitch!
Jamie: What about you? I thought you were going to be Iron Maiden?
chavvah: Actually, I prefer Iron Butterfly, thank you very much. {air guitar "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida")
Jamie: Are you still going to post this on your journal?
chavvah: I don't know, are you still going to blow up my bedroom wall?
Jamie: Maybe.
chavvah: Then maybe.
chavvah: (lick me)
Last night at Moxie's:

chavvah: So the skywalk is closed. That means we have to walk all the way around the world to get home.

Jamie: We could just cut through the alley.

chavvah: You mean the ALLEY OF DEATH?*

Jamie: Why must it be the Alley of Death?

chavvah: DEATH!

Jamie: Couldn't it be the Alley of Sexy Makeouts?

chavvah: ...

Jamie: Doesn't that sound much more appealing?

chavvah: DEATH!

Jamie: Sexy makeouts!

chavvah: DEATH!

Jamie: Sexy makeouts!

(Waitress bringing the bill: WTF?)

chavvah: You have been reading way too much Questionable Content.

Jamie: Not unless I start fantasizing about sex with a leather chair.

chavvah: I thought you were going to say "sex with webcomic characters."

Jamie: No, that's okay.

chavvah: ...DEATH!

*the Alley of Death is a really sketchy thoroughway which is the quickest way to get around the mall to where I live. It is dark and spooky and ideal for smoking crack, turning tricks, and/or mugging me. It is so named because it is one of the few places where I would deem it appropriate to crib from the 23rd Psalm, i.e. "Though I walk through the alley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil..."


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