Aug. 29th, 2007

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I woke up Monday morning and was distraught to find that my tongue was black. Not just a little black, either--it looked like it was coated with copier ink. Worse still, nothing I did would get it clean. I was convinced that I had the plague, or at the very least some sort of awful mouth bacteria.

I felt fine otherwise, so I went to work, but I was deeply concerned--not to mention self-conscious! I was worried that the second I opened my mouth, someone would notice that I had a filthy sludgey tongue.

As soon as I made it to my desk at work, I googled "black tongue". Now, here is a true medical fact that I, for one, was not aware of:

Pepto-Bismol can stain your tongue black.

It just so happens that I had taken some Pepto for a stomach complaint the night before. So now at least I know why my tongue is black... yes, I said "is". You see, this effect can last for up to a week. And to compound matters, I had an awful stomach ache Monday night, and so was forced to take more Pepto just so that I could get some sleep. The second dose just made things that much worse the next morning.

Definitely switching to Rolaids.


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